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"Great professional compassionate attorney. Stuart is a focused attorney who listens."

- Marilyn S.

"You are lucky If you are reading my comment even you are unfortunate like me that have to face the divorce. He really made me feel like God opens the window in my life.

Mr. Mackenzie helped his associate started my case, so neat. He even didn't raise up the attorney fee at the time i switched to him.

  1. Experienced.
  2. Professional.
  3. Very clear monthly statement. I have never got over charged $1 extra. (no exaggeration!)
  4. Never do anything extra/unnecessary which have saved me lot of money.
  5. Never missed anything either.
  6. Most important of representing, always on my side and tried very hard.
  7. Always keep me informed.
  8. Very nice staffs in the office.

What else a divorce person can expect from his/her attorney?"

- Divorce Client

"When I first came to Stuart I was in a very difficult situation, leaving a violent relationship. He has helped me with getting a restraining order, and we just finalized the divorce and custody case and I got everything that I was hoping for and more. Stuart helped me to find my voice in the court system so that the judge, mediator, and everyone else I had to deal with actually HEARD me and what I had been going through. There were a lot of lies told about me by my ex and he was also trying to deny a lot of what had happened, however, Stuart helped me stand strong through all of that and we ended up completely successful. Thanks Stuart! I also wanted to thank his office staff who were a great help through the entire process as well."

- Domestic Violence Client

"Stuart MacKenzie is a man of integrity. He is honest, trustworthy, very knowledgeable, very sharp and "doesn't miss a beat" with pertinent details/issues. Without a doubt and based on my experience so far, I would highly recommend Stuart MacKenzie, He will advocate for you and fully represent you as a partner in your own divorce case."

- Divorce Client

"Stuart was recommended to me by a good friend, he handled my case, which was difficult, very well."

- Divorce client

"Stuart MacKenzie has been my lawyer for 6 years. I have been in a long divorce, mostly struggling to collect Child Support. He has been very caring and supportive and is able to present the case very clearly. What I like best about him is his willingness to allow me to do a lot of the investigative work myself, which is what I like to do, and then he puts it all together in a format that can be presented in Court. He is very experienced at what he does yet he is still one of the more reasonably priced Lawyers around. Great combination of nice person and sharp Lawyer."

- Divorce Client

"Mr. MacKenzie and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and prompt in the services rendered in my child custody case thus far.

My experience with Mr. MacKenzie has also been very professional, yet down-to-earth when he explains complex legal details that have really made my first legal process a smooth one.

I would very much recommend him to anyone seeking a well-balanced and experienced attorney who is willing to get the facts about a child custody case "straight" and honest. Keep up the great work!"

- Child Custody Client

"Stuart Mackenzie handled my child custody case for years, I was not only trusting in him but confident that he would do everything he said, and he did. If it was not for Stuart MacKenzie handling my case and knowing how and what needed to be done I dont think I would have been able to get threw the court process. I would recommend him to every and anyone."

- Child Custody Client

"Stuart did a fine job with my case. I am a very emotional person, and my custody case involved my daughter being abducted. Stuart kept the case going and didn't over charge me. He gave me sensible advice and left me with a bank account, much more than other lawyers would have. He didn't play on my emotions.

Recently, I asked Stuart about possible litigation on another matter, He read my email and advised against it. He didn't charge me either. So, instead of laying out $ 10,000 up front and having a very emotional year, I am now sitting here with peace of mind and the $$$ I would have spent."

- Child Custody Client