If a child’s parents have died or neither of the parents are able to adequately care for a child, often relatives or close friends step in to help raise the child. In order to have legal recognition of this caretaker relationship, a Guardianship must be obtained.

Being recognized as a child’s Legal Guardian allows the person caring for the child to:

  • enroll the child in school
  • add the child to medical coverage
  • be eligible for possible financial assistance from the state
  • make decisions about the child’s well-being

Guardianship petitions are filed in the Probate court and in Alameda County they are transferred to the Family Law court if someone objects to the Guardianship. The process of obtaining or objecting to a Guardianship or Temporary Guardianship can be quite complicated and involves completing many forms, questionnaires, background checks, and usually a visit to your home by a social worker to determine whether the Guardianship is in the best interest of the child.

At MacKenzie & Associates, our clients gain the benefit of our attorneys’ detailed knowledge about Guardianship procedures in both the Probate court and the Family Law court. We can help you navigate the complicated process so that your case is resolved as quickly as possible.

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