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Hayward, California Divorce Lawyers

When your family dynamics change and you find yourself looking for a family law attorney, you need an attorney who can confidently handle any issue that arises in the course of your proceeding.

Our firm handles family law matters from beginning to end, regardless of the twists and turns your case takes.

We have experience in a courtroom and in trying cases. While trials are not common in family law matters, many times the parties find they are unable to resolve every issue without the intervention of a judge. If your case takes that unexpected twist, we want you to feel you chose the right attorney.

We have our office in Hayward. We would be happy to schedule a telephone consultation to discuss your case at no charge.

We also offer our clients the benefits of a small and friendly hands-on staff who will be familiar with your case. Feel free to call our office about the additional benefits we can offer you.

  • We aggressively represent your interests and your needs.
  • Our Hayward divorce attorneys honestly feel that no case is too large or too small to devote our energies to.

For further information about our attorneys or for immediate assistance for your problems with a divorce, paternity, domestic abuse, or spousal or child support, call the offices of MacKenzie & Associates at 510-537-7200 or contact us online today.

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